Magnificent Sam
The Amazing Adventures of 
Sam Houston

The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston

Reviews and Endorsements

Gold Medallion Winner:
Will Rogers Medallion Award (2014)
Western Non-Fiction, Young Readers

Western Writers of America Spur Awards (2014)

Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction

Writers' League of Texas Book Awards (2014)

Children's Picture Book

"Magnificent Sam is exceptionally well done and represents children's storytelling at its finest. The book is an absolute must for every school library and every Texas home."

-Denton Florian, Executive Producer and Director of the documentary "Sam Houston: American Statesman, Soldier, and Pioneer"

"Magnificent Sam is a beautifully illustrated and carefully written story about one of Texas's most iconic personalities. Educators and parents alike will enjoy it, while finding it useful in both the classroom and the home."

-Sean P. Cunningham, Associate Professor of History, Texas Tech University

"For the second time in as many days, I was describing Magnificent Sam to someone, and both times, the person I was talking to said, 'You know, your eyes light up when you start talking about this book!' Isn't that what a great book should do? Make us light up? Historically accurate, educational, entertaining, and amazing artwork - all rolled up into one fine story that will 'light up' the readers' eyes and minds as well! A Must Read!"
-Yvonne Cumberland, Educational Consultant and Texas History Specialist

"Magnificent Sam is a wonderful addition to anyone's personal or professional library. Parents can find plenty of life lessons to teach their children and educators, both elementary and secondary, will find something that will interest students at all levels. The graphic art in the book is amazing and tells as much of a story as the written words. As a retired teacher of 7th grade Texas History, it makes me miss the classroom. The teacher-helps section at the end is most helpful and full of questions and topics for discussion. If I were back in the classroom, I would certainly make good use of this
- Roy Housewright, Archivist, Billy W. Sills Center for Archives, Fort Worth
 Independent School District

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