Magnificent Sam
The Amazing Adventures of 
Sam Houston

The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston


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Laurie Cockerell and her brother Travis Dougherty decided to write a children's book about Sam Houston after their mother discovered a speech written by their great uncle in 1939 for the Daughters of the War of 1812. Dr Joseph McCallie's delightful account of his not-so-distant relative, Sam Houston, captivated students in Travis' children's school when read aloud to the class. Inspired by "Uncle Joe's" folksy tale of one of Texas' greatest heroes, Laurie and Travis set out to create a children's book that would introduce one of the most important characters in our country's history to our next generation.

Laurie Cockerell was born and raised in Texas. She holds degrees from Texas Tech University and the University of Texas at Arlington. Laurie taught in elementary schools in Texas and Hawaii, and has worked extensively with children both as a professional and volunteer. A mother of four, Laurie lives in Forth Worth, Texas and is currently homeschooling her youngest while enjoying the exciting lives of her adult children. 

Travis Dougherty was also born and raised in Texas (in fact, in the room next door to Laurie!). Travis received his undergraduate and master's degree in architecture from Texas Tech University. The father of two, Travis is actively involved as a soccer coach and many other aspects of his children's lives. He currently resides in Houston, Texas where he works as an architect.     


Kinderfable Press is dedicated to the introduction of children's books that acquaint readers with the unforgettable lives and principles of treasured American heroes.

Travis and Laurie at the San Jacinto Monument in their childhood.

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