Magnificent Sam
The Amazing Adventures of 
Sam Houston

The Amazing Adventures of Sam Houston

"Scoot up here close, and I'll tell you the tale of a man like no other. He was a leader, a rabble-rouser, a peacemaker, a soldier, an adventurer, and one of the bravest men to walk this earth."

And so begins the story of
Magnificent Sam!

*Gold Medallion Winner: Will Rogers Medallion Award 
Western Non-Fiction, Young Readers (2014)
*Finalist: Western Writers of America Spur Award
Best Juvenile Nonfiction (2014)
*Finalist: Writers' League of Texas Book Awards
Children's Picture Book (2014)
Magnificent Sam
lls the story of Sam Houston,
one of our country's most beloved and honored heroes.

This 64 page hard-bound, full-color children's book recalls the
adventure-filled life of General Houston...
from his teenage years living with the Cherokee Indians in Tennessee...
to his surprising victory against Santa Anna at San Jacinto...
to his role as president of the Republic of Texas and United States Senator.

 Beautiful illustrations accompany the text, written especially for children ages 6-14 (appropriate as independent reading for middle/upper elementary; a read-aloud for younger children).
Perfect for students, libraries, and lovers of Texas history.

TEACHERS: MAGNIFICENT SAM makes an excellent supplement to your Texas and American history studies.
The book concludes with discussion questions/activities, a timeline, Texas history resources, and a glossary. 

Portrait of Sam Houston
by Charles DeForest Fredricks of New York City (1857)
Courtesy Sam Houston Memorial Museum, Huntsville, Texas

The author and illustrator are both available to visit Texas schools for book readings. Please contact the publisher at to schedule a visit.

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